The Crown Lynn Collection

The collection includes examples of most types of ceramics produced by Crown Lynn over its 40 year history, as well as tools and machinery involved in its manufacture, and an archive of documents, photographs and designs relating to the company. The collection of objects spans from the 1940s to the 1980s and clearly demonstrates the advances in manufacturing techniques developed by Crown Lynn over that period as well as changes in fashion and design.

The Crown Lynn Archive

The Crown Lynn archive provides invaluable information for students of New Zealand business history, ceramics production, design and social history of West Auckland. The archive consists of photographs, log books, design award entries, transfers and artworks relating to the rich history of the company. Only a small number of archives are catalogued and viewable online, this work is ongoing.

The Gardner Brothers and Parker Museum Collection

The former Waitakere City Council gifted the Gardner Brothers and Parker Museum collection to the PCT in 2010. This collection includes machinery and tools that were used in the production of industrial clay products as well as bricks, pipes and tiles manufactured in the West Auckland region.